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Time & Location:

The challenge starts whenever you decide and from your first half-marathon you then have 52 weeks or 365 days to complete your challenge.



It is free to join the challenge and you can use our Challenge Steps to keep track of your progress and to upload your evidence.

Medals and shirts / vests to celebrate you finishing your challenge are available within our store. Our store can be accessed from this link


About The Challenge:

A great challenge and one that will see you push your mind and body to its limit. An average of 1 half-marathon per week for a year is a challenge that few runners will attempt. If you decide to accept this challenge, you will be joining a small and unique group of runners.

The rules:

1) You must complete at least 52 official events within the 52 weeks which we need to be able to verify to a published results list. During any lockdown period, you can choose whether to continue the challenge by running virtual events (you must log these on a GPS tracker) OR you can opt to freeze time and continue once lockdowns are over.

2) You have to complete the challenge within a rolling 364 day period! Day 1 will be the first marathon you complete which you would like to count as part of your challenge.

3) You can count previous half-marathons in your total meaning if you have already done a few marathons in a short period of time before signing up to the challenge, these will count if you want them to count. Distances above half marathon but under a marathon will count towards your goal.

4) If you don't complete your challenge within the time scale, remember that it is a rolling 364 day period, so you may be able to still complete by starting the period later.

5) If you are injured, please make sure you return to fitness before continuing the challenge. However, time will not be paused for injuries or illnesses.

6) We have a fantastic medal and running vest / t-shirt available to buy for every finisher. Remember to order your running vest / t-shirt in advance!

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